We are all accidental tourists on this planet. It is up to us to define the impacts of our journey in this life.
The arrival of digital revolution and emerging new technologies has transformed our world into a complex, global village. As we design collectively a journey of “shared experiences”, our journeys are often hurried and consequently disorienting. People are searching for meaning in their increasingly uncertain lives.
For Asian designers, there is a growing need to find one’s own unique identity and to create authentic experiences when we choose a destination in this journey.
As the young generation entering society 5.0, one of the challenges will be to explore your capacity for a spirited, fresh perspective and to develop an awareness of the rich culture and tradition amongst us.
It is my hope that by maintaining distinctiveness as an inherent value that contributes to our sense of place, identity and culture, you will achieve a way to find a new language of design, which has much to do with sharing authentic experiences.